Sven Marquardt

Sven is a bedrock of East Berlin’s DDR-Punk scene.   Sven_Marquardt   A briar of tattooed thorns and pieces of heavy jewelry adorn his face. The photographer and Berghain bouncer always wears a cut-off biker’s jacket. During ours sitting, I came to know the surreal sight of the day-lit, empty club. It was exhausting, a real beast of a job. We hauled in 150 kilos of clay over the course of three and a half hours.   Sven_Marquardt (1)   We had to stop for several breaks, during which we joked around and fooled around with the bust. In the end, I was exhausted and happy. A cool Colossus, this bust!t.   Sven_Marquardt (3) TO THE HEADS